Recycled T Shirt Necklace


I’ve been looking for a statement necklace for a while but haven’t been able to find one I like in my price range. I saw some tutorials on repurposing old T shirts for wearable accessories so I thought I’d give it a try. I used stained tees and 99 cent bin finds to create this unique piece. It’s simple to make, very customizable and requires no sewing! I love that this necklace can be easily modified to fit any style or skill level.


What you need:

  • T shirt(s) – One or more depending on how many colours you want to use.
  • Scissors


Step 1 – Cut T shirt(s) into 1 inch strips starting at the bottom seam. The number of strips you need will depend on what you want you necklace to look like. I used 7strips (3 white, 2 black and 2 yellow) to complete the necklace in the photos shown.

Step 2 – Once cut you’ll end up with loops of fabric. Stretch these loops as much as possible without tearing. This will curl the fabric and give you a string-like look.

Step 3 – Take 3 loops of one colour (white) and tie the ends together with a fourth loop (yellow). Tie the yellow loop around so that there is a long tail. You will use this to cover the seam and finish off the necklace.

Step 4 – Take 3 more loops of a different colour (2 black and 1 yellow) and make them into a braid.

Step 5 – Tie the ends of the braid to the first cluster of loops to make one cluster of loops.

Step 6 – Using the yellow “tail” that is hanging out, wrap the loose ends of the necklace. When covered, tuck the end of the tail under itself to finish.


For a more basic piece you can stop at Step 2. You could also simply create a braid and tie the ends together. There are many colour and style modifications that can be made if you choose to use this as inspiration and do your own thing. Enjoy!



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