Macrame Hanging Planter


Go figure, macrame is cool again. I’ve seen macrame wall hangings and plant hangers at hip, trendy retailers and online vendors for a while now and really wanted to hop on the band wagon. But personally, I couldn’t justify the expense. That’s why I decided to give this craft a try for myself. It took a bit of trial and error but I’m happy with the result. This is a simple, basic macrame hanging planter design that is great for a beginner and works as a wonderful gateway into a new medium.


What you need:

  • 4 x 15′ lengths of rope
  • 2 pieces of string, thinner than the rope you are using.
  • Hook (to hang planter from ceiling)
  • Potted plant
  • (optional) 1 carabiner


Step 1 – Gather the 4 lengths of rope together and thread through the carabiner. Pull through halfway so there are 8 even pieces of rope hanging from the carabiner. If you are not using a carabiner just fold the 4 pieces in half to get 8 equal lengths.

Step 2 – Use string to tie the pieces of rope together. If you are not using a carabiner make sure to leave enough of a loop to hang your planter from a ceiling hook. To add a band of colour – tie with a long piece of colourful string. Coil the string around the rope until short and tie off.

Step 3 – Now to make the first set of knots. Pair the rope so there are 4 sets of 2. Tie each pair together about 3 feet down from the carabiner/loop. This is where the top of the plant pot will sit.

Step 4 –  To figure out how far down the second set of knots will be, measure the height of your pot and divide by 2. My pot is 5″ high so I tied my second knots 2.5″ down from the first ones.

Step 5 – For the second set of knots, take one rope from each pair and couple it with one of the ropes from the neighbouring pair. Use the photos above as a guide. Start with the centre pieces and then finish by tying the end pieces together.

Step 6 – To figure out how far down to tie off the strings, use the measurement for the second knot (mine was 2.5″) and add about half the diameter of the pot. Using the same method as in Step 2 tie all 8 pieces of rope together.

Step 7 – Trim ends if necessary.

Step 8 – Hang from ceiling using a hook and place your potted plant in the planter. Enjoy!

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